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Accredited Member:
  • SAIPA Registered Professional Accountant
  • SARS Registered Tax Practitioner
  • SAIPA Certified Independent Reviewer
  • SAIPA Training Centre for Learner Accountants
  • Accredited PASTEL Training (FASSET)
  • Accredited PASTEL software reseller and installer

Our mission is to render professional, efficient and affordable full spectrum accounting and tax related services to all small to medium sized enterprises, individuals and trusts

Company Registrations

The Companies Act, 2008, regulates companies’ registrations. You are required to submit documentation and prescribed fees so the whole process can be done accordingly...Read more »

Payroll Administration

We are dedicating this section to human resource professionals seeking advice on how to structure employee remuneration....Read more »

Independent Reviews

We provide legal research, opinions and consultancy on all international tax, income tax and capital gains tax matters...Read more »

Tax Registration & Compliance

There is no prohibition in South African tax law on minimizing your tax payable. The principle is actually well part of our common law....Read more »

Accounting Services

We deliver a wide range of both basic and more specialised accounting services to our clients. Outsource your accounting function to us and it will be handled with professionalism and integrity..Read more »

Financial and Tax Consulting

We provide a streamlined and competitively priced tax return service....Read more »

Company Registrations and much more...

We are accountants in Gauteng specialising in tax and company registrations. Our office is based in Brakpan, Sunair Park. The practice was established in October 2007. The sole member has 10 years experience in Accounting, Tax and 8 years auditing experience on small enterprises.

We supply all registration, accounting and taxation services for Close Corporations, Sole Proprietors and Owner Managed Companies and other Private Companies....Read more »

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